Serving the Delaware County for over 3 Years

Rob and Gina started GoFetch Pet Sitters LLC with the idea of providing quality pet care in the home of their clients. Their service is tailored to the needs of you and your pets. GoFetch offers Daily Walks, Vacation Visits, Mid-Day Mini Breaks, and a Pet Taxi to and from your vet or groomer. They also provide shopper services for pet supplies.

As loving pet owners, Rob and Gina understand the concerns that you may have when planning your vacation, business trip, weekend, or even just a day away from home. Let us provide your pets with the care they need while you are away-right in your own home!

With us, your pets:
* Stay in a secure, familiar environment
* Follow their routine and diet
* Avoid exposure to illness from other animals
* Receive loving, individual attention

We are willing to walk any newly fostered or adopted dog free with the contract
of another animal. Check out the our friends page to see that we really do care.

For more information, or if you would like to set up a consultation
Contact Rob or Gina. Email: or by
phone at: 484-461-3119